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Help for the lost and vulnerable

Yesterday I witnessed all that is best with the Open DAW. A young man who comes to us fairly regularly to talk with our Coordinator needed help with some application forms required by a Housing Association. She was able to write all the details in for him and explain what information was required. It may seem a simple task but the care and time taken by her was wonderful to see. He had come in so worried but left so re-assured and grateful. It may be proud of our Community Information Centre and pleased that this was all done with love in a Christian church.


Flu Jabs on offer today

Today the Open DAW was very busy. We had a nurse from the Barton Surgery available all morning to give flu vaccinations to anyone who was elegible and hadn’t received them yet. Our PCSO was in attendance and listening to people’s concerns. Then there was a Town Councillor who was also listening to complaints as well as searching the neighbourhood for a damaged fence reported.

Being half term we had lots of holiday visitors popping in to see what was going on and enjoying the music in the church played by John on keyboards and Theo on Clarinet.

Loads of tea and coffee made today and full house at the Weekly Wednesday lunches in the Church hall.

Great morning!!