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Credit Union

Eaxh Wednesday the Open DAW acts as a collection point for The Plough and Share credit union. This allows anyone in the local community to make small savings on a regular basis. Often they are used as a means of saving for Christmas, a holiday, repair bill etc.

In the current climate a Credit union is useful to those who find it hard to save, make ends meet or want to avoid loan sharks. Loans from a Credit Union are at low rates and agreed affordable payments. Usually loans are available to savings members(shareholders) after 13 weeks of savings. Loans would be for twice the amount that has been saved. Immediate small loans can be made available after negotiations with Head Office and checks on the bability to repay the loan.

Most weeks our collection involves savings. To become a member/shareholder  there is a £2  fee and you receive a small dividend annually. The Collection Point is on Wednesdays between 10.30-11.30 at The Open DAW in the Dawlish Methodist Church. Where people cannot attend on Wednesdays the facility exists for them to pay in savings on other days.

Anyone wanting further information should contact Harry Moore by email