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Holiday Visitors

June saw more holiday visitors in Dawlish since we opened in June 2005. The recession has certainly forced more people to stay in the UK this year. For the campsites, hotels, B&B’s plus the few shopkeepers still going in the town and for the restaurants and cafés it has been very good news. Another  plus has been the wonderful weather down here.

More visitors do bring problems too. Our narrow roads are quickly clogged up and parking is more difficult for everyone. Then we have the homeless and drifters who come looking for work during the summer only to find few opportunities. The criminal class also enjoy holiday periods here, with rich pickings amonst the tourists and the odd oportunist bit of thieving and burglary. A quick return home via the M5 and A 303 makes it easy to get rid of stolen goods rapidly hundreds of miles from Devon.

Despite these problems we are always delighted to welcome holidaymakers to our town and for them to enjoy are famous black swans.